I really want to tell their story one day.

The Ps_Chalky has bigger dimensions than the other bmp files in the elemap folder in the brush settings post. It wouldn't work properly until I resized it to 63x63. I thought you should know.


Thank you for letting me know! Tumblr must have resized it or something, because I have it as 63×63 as well. I’ll add it to the description, but sadly it’s kind of out of my hands now.

Sorry for the trouble!

This is how it looks like. I just happened to choose very beautiful colours to demonstrate it. These are my settings for an A4 canvas. The result will be the previous picture
This is what you put in your elemap folder
 in the sai folder. Make sure to save it as BMP image with something. Tumblr does not allow .bmp-s, I had to convert it to .png. Sry for this trouble. This goes into your brushtex folder. Again, make sure you save it as a BMP, it won't work otherwise.

This is how you install brushes if you haven’t done it before.

Have fun!